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VX 5000 Steam Cleaner

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Product Description

As always, if you are comparing the VX 5000 to ANY OTHER STEAM CLEANER, we encourage you to buy both (if possible) and compare them for yourself. I will personally pay the UPS shipping bill of whichever machine you decide to return. We will also give you a 100 percent refund (yes, including shipping) of your purchase amount should you decide to return the VX 5000. That's how confident we are that you will choose our machine over an Amerivap, the Lady Bug or any Daimer machine (or ANY machine for that matter) once you've had a chance to compare them for yourself. This is the ONLY way you will know for sure that you have made the right decision! We are the ONLY steam cleaner company that encourages you to try this comparison for yourself. What does that tell you? Forget all the hype and accusations. At the end of the day, the only way for you to make the right decision is to try a couple of different machines for a week, right? Not only will we re-imburse you for the total cost of the VX 5000 (should you decide to return ours), but we will also re-imburse you for the total cost to ship back our competitor's machine (should you decide to return theirs). Please call for more details should you decide to take us up on this offer. Remember, there is a HUGE difference between the VX 5000 COMMERCIAL GRADE steam cleaner and the lower priced residential models masquerading as commercial units. Why not take the VX 5000 and ANY OTHER MACHINE for a spin? Order both and see what I mean.

Although you don't have to buy two machines to take advantage of our 100% refund program. When you buy a VX5000, and it doesn't meet your expectations or It's not what we say it is, send it back for a FULL REFUND.   You have no risk.

By the way, of course we have a PRESSURE REGULATOR! You can control the amount of steam that comes out of the VX 5000 right from your fingertips. We have a removable (commercial) hose, a pressure gauge (the real kind ), a water valve (which allows you to switch easily between hot steam and hot water), two nozzles (one with one hole and one with three), a 3-inch round AND a 3-inch triangle brush, twenty detail brushes, a heavy duty water bottle with a self-fill valve, a large triangle brush with clips, a commercial squeegee for windows, a large floor brush with clips and plenty of terry towels to get you going. We also include an easy-to-follow manual and an instructional DVD.


Do The Following Points Describe YOU???  (If so, you've come to the right place!)


    You have owned a  plastic steam cleaner in the past that broke.

    You loved the cheap steam cleaner you had (when it worked).

    You are now trying to purchase a higher quality steam cleaner at an affordable price.

    You want to make sure this is the LAST steam cleaner you have to purchase (once burned...).

    You are frustrated by all the conflicting information you're finding on various internet sites.

    You're about ready to go insane at this point.

    You're comparing price, accessories, brushes, warranty, boiler material, temperature(s), psi, etc.

    You've got it down to a couple of different units and you're very tempted to try the VX 5000.

    You're a little confused about whether or not you need a "continuous fill" machine (you think you might).

    You've found the Allergy Buyer's Club recommended machines to be more expensive.

    You are wondering whether or not to buy a "residential" model or a "commercial" model or if it matters.

    You are wondering if the  BOILER TANK size matters.

Here are the answers (finally) to some of your questions:




Because you will probably NEVER run out of water! That's right. Most likely, you will heat up the unit and use it to clean the project you had in mind (tile and grout, bathroom, grill, pet areas, carpet stains, etc.). More than likely, this project will take you less than an hour and then you will PUT THE MACHINE AWAY! The next time you use the machine (yes, you can leave water in it) you will add a little water before you heat it up (if you'd like). You will then do your NEXT PROJECT. And the same pattern will repeat itself again and again. So, do you see what I'm talking about? You DON'T RUN OUT OF WATER! I haven't run out of water while using my VX 5000 once in the last 4 years!! If, on those (very) rare occasions where you have a large project and you use the machine for several hours, the low water light should go on, then you simply blast the steam out until the pressure gauge goes to zero. Slowly open the cap and put some more (hot) water in the machine. Turn it on and in about 5 or 10 minutes (depending on how much water you added), you're good to go. Now, I ask you, is it worth it. (most cost a couple of hunderd dollars more) especially when they run WETTER than the regular machines. It's true! Because the boiler tanks are small, they tend to run low on water quickly. Then what happens? The boiler tank calls on the reservoir tank for more water. The problem is this "new" water is cold!! So each time the reservoir tank sends water to the boiler tank, the pressure drops. Now the user must wait for the pressure to build back up before they can return to cleaning. On top of this, because the water in the tank never gets quite hot enough, the continuous fill machines tend to run "wet". In the world of steam cleaning, running wet is not good. In addition, the pumps connecting the two tanks maybe more likely to have issues. The bottom line is that if 2 hours is not enough cleaning time for you before having to take a 10 minute break, then I'd rather hire you than sell you a steam cleaner! *

* Unless you are a commercial cleaning company that cleans nothing but tile and grout or specializing

in kitchen and bathroom cleaning. These are hard surface applications that are not affected by a "wetter" steam. I understand, "time is money" for you and your company and a continuous fill unit

may be a big plus. In that case, just give me a call. Vapor Systems LLC has another web store at www.gogreenwithsteam.com, that sells professional continuous fill cleaning equipment made by the same manufacturer as the VX5000.

2) Allergy Buyer's Club is not an independent reviewer. They are the company selling the machines they recommend! This is like Universal Studios posting a review of "Heaven's Gate" in the newspaper.


3) I Feel It is much more important to buy a machine with a large boiler tank (at least 3 quarts) than it is to buy a machine with continuous fill.

Why? For the same reason as I explained in answer #1. The VX 5000 has a perfect size tank for your leaning needs and you will rarely, if ever, run out of water (which is no big deal anyway).

4) ALWAYS buy the COMMERCIAL GRADE steam cleaners.

The home rated units are much more likely to break and are manufactured to take much less wear and tear than the COMMERCIAL units. You don't want to make the same mistake you made the first time (if you're one of the people who bought a cheap steamer). If there is any way you can afford a commercial unit, I would pay the extra $100.00 to $200.00 and buy a quality unit. Again, please listen to my testimonials.
What Most People Want...

If you are like most of our customers, .

    You want a company with service AFTER you buy.
    You want to get as many chemicals out of your home as possible
    You want to be able to clean those tile floors once and for all

    You want a steam cleaner that will not look "cheap" when you open the box

    You want a steam cleaner that is "solid", "well-made" and "durable"

    You want a steam cleaner that comes with an easy to use manual and video

    You want a steam cleaner that comes with lots of brushes and accessories

    You want a steam cleaner with a pressure gauge

    You want a steam cleaner with both a "ready" light AND a "low water" light

    You want to be able to adjust the pressure AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

    You want a steam cleaner that is safe for virtually ALL surfaces

    You want a steam cleaner that comes with six fresh terry towels

    You want a steam cleaner that heats quickly and cleans for over two hours

    You want a steam cleaner that does not have a long "cool down" period

    You want a steam cleaner that has an "800" number with real people available to answer questions

    You want a steam cleaner that can be returned for any reason

    You want a steam cleaner that is reasonably priced

    You want a steam cleaner that will perform as promised

    You want a steam cleaner with a long, strong warranty

    You want a steam cleaner that will not break

    You want a steam cleaner that will last a very long time

    You want a steam cleaner that will perform as promised

    You want a steam cleaner that ships the day you order it

    You want a repair center (should you ever need it) right here in the USA


This guy created his own steam after searching the internet for a steam cleaner!

So what are you supposed to do?

Read on to find out....
"What Is Possible?"

What if there was a way you could convince a company to do the following:

    Provide a Chart comparing all the features of the various steam cleaners out there including Price, Psi, Temperature and Warranty.

    Provide Questions and Answers on their website so customers can at least learn the lingo and the answers to some basic questions that most people have.

    Have an easy to call Phone Number where additional questions can be answered honestly by someone who has used various steam cleaners themselves in both commercial and residential settings.

"Tell Me More..."

My name is Steve Clingan.

In 1996, I established a company called Midwest EcoSteam located in Springfield, MO.

I was part of a distributor based network that sold and serviced Steam Vapor Cleaners.

The company was established to import steam cleaners from Italy and distribute them to U.S. businesses and high end residences throughout the country. The company is now known as

Vapor Systems LLC / Steam Cleaners Direct. With 12 years in the industry you can be

assured of this, we've been able to sustain longevity by knowing the product (inside and

out), being service oriented after the sale, and having the very best product and warranty.

In the beginning, we researched dozens of steam cleaners before settling on just one unit.


The VX 5000.

Here's Why

    Because the VX 5000 is extremely easy to use and extremely safe.

    Because the VX 5000 has wheels and is very easy to maneuver around (even without the cart).

    Because the VX 5000 has a detachable hose.

    Because the VX 5000 works great on travertine tile floors.

    Because the VX 5000 has just the right combination of heat and pressure to clean virtually anything.

    Because both the chassis and boiler tank are made of glistening stainless steel.

    Because the steam control is located on the hose putting all the power at your fingertips.

    Because the warranty is among the longest available in the industry (2 years/Lifetime).

    Because the VX 5000 will clean for over 2 hours on just one gallon of water.

    Because both the hose (12 foot) and power cord (14 foot) give you plenty of room.

    Because it comes with EVERY ACCESSORY and BRUSH in the above photo.

If you are still wondering how well the VX 5000 will work in your home....

Here are some before and after photos we shot of a blueberry jam spill in our home:

stain1.jpg stain2.jpg stain3.jpg stain4.jpg

When your VX 5000 gets delivered to your home....

    You'll be able to heat it up and eliminate stains and odors - all in less than 10 minutes.

    You'll never have that "chemical smell" in your home again.

    You won't have to worry about grout lines, shower tiles and other challenges any more.

    You'll look forward to cleaning stove tops, grills and other "challenges" - it's literally FUN!

    You'll finally have something you've wanted for a while now - a HIGH QUALITY STEAMER.



Here are some commercial customers (until recently we targeted only commercial customers and charged over $2,000.00 through a network of distributors) of ours whose names you might be familiar with...


McDonald's - they clean their tile, floors, grills, fryers, sidewalks, etc. (312 purchased to date).

Kroger - they clean refrigerators, shelf tags and tile and grout (67 purchased to date).

7-Eleven - they use it to steam clean underneath equipment, FRP walls & tile (87 purchased).

Kellogg's - they use it to clean the goop off the machines that make Pop-Tarts (19 purchased).

Dairy Queen - the VX 5000 cleans Blizzard machines in half the normal time. (11 purchased).

Dunkin Donuts- tile & grout floors, thresholds, machinery and walls  (14 purchased).

Restaurants- carpet stains, grills, exhaust hoods, equipment, etc. (over 1,000 purchased).

Hospitals- wheelchairs, tile and grout, bedding, thresholds, elevators (over 1,000 purchased).

Nursing Homes - cafeterias, kitchens, wheelchairs, showers, tile/ grout (over 1,000 purchased).

These end-users have paid anywhere from $1,495.00 to $2,995.00 for the VX 5000.

That's more than FOUR TIMES the price you will be paying for the EXACT SAME UNIT!

Click here to testimonial letters and actual cancelled checks from these accounts.


Many of these companies can afford to buy any steam cleaner in the world.

Yet they've chosen to own the VX 5000


As I mentioned, until recently the VX 5000 has been sold only to commercial customers through a network of distributors and independent contractors.

We have competed against Eurosteam, Amerivap, Mondovap, LadyBug, Daimer and countless others.

We sold over 1,500 VX5000's in 2010 and are on pace to do even more this year

Until recently, our distributors performed in-house demonstrations at restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, grocery stores, and lots of other business environments.

We import, stock, sell, service, repair, replace, guarantee, warranty and stand behind our product.


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